Real Southbrook Stories!


It’s a small world after all.

Want to hear an amazing story? After the 10:00 service a gentleman and his wife and young daughter approached me and waited patiently while I spoke to several other people.

When everyone else was gone, the gentleman (Chris) approached me with tears in his eyes. He told me that he was a fireman and that Todd Hage was a friend of his. I expected him to mention something about the memorial service or maybe that he wanted to check out the church that Todd called home.

But it was so much more than that.

He told me that he thought I would want to meet one of the 63 people whose life was radically changed that day through the message of Jesus Christ. He said that He prayed to receive Christ and the Lord reached down and completely rocked his world! His wife says she barely recognizes him, he’s changed that much already. He wanted to thank me for pointing the way home to him.

He made my day!

He told me other firemen and paramedics were talking about Southbrook.

I hope we see them soon.

Chris, if you’re reading this, welcome to the family of God!

Oh, and Chris? You’re not the first. Looks like God is doing a work among the firefighters and paramedics. You’re about the tenth!

I’d love to meet the rest of you!

Don’t keep that life changing decision to yourself, let someone know, and find a church you can learn and grow in.

I can recommend several.

Oh, Chris had one more story to tell me.

He said that he was the first one on the scene the day that Marty Siu (one of our most faithful and hardworking volunteers) was in a wreck out in front of the church (Todd Hage was the second one there) and that he wanted to meet her. I pointed her out and they chatted for a while. When Marty returned she said it was one of the neatest conversations she ever had in her life. And when she said to them as they pulled out of the parking lot, I hope we see you again sometime, Chris called back, Oh, you’ll see us all the time now…consider us members!

I love days like this!