Labor Day


I wonder why they call this ‘Labor Day?’


If curiosity is getting the better of you, you can read about the auspicious beginnings of this holiday right here. I couldn’t bear to write it all out here because…well…it is incredibly boring.


But I’ll take it!


Here’s my question for you though…


Are you working?


Shame on you, you’re supposed to be taking a rest from all your labors. We’ve all heard of forced labor, but I’m talking about forced rest—believe it or not, that’s the only way some people will ever take a day off.


That’s more than just a shame. It’s downright bad for you!


On six days the Lord created.


On the seventh He rested.




Did He need the rest?


What? Did you think the strain of six straight days of creating, EVERYTHING might have worn Him out?


Caused an injury?


Maybe He didn’t stretch before taking on such a huge task.


Perhaps He pulled a hamstring and needed to recover.




Come on people, God doesn’t need to rest.




“But he Bible says He rested on the seventh day. You can read about it right here.


That’s true, He didn’t need to, but He did.


How does that work?


Are you ready for this?


He faked it.


That’s right. He took a time out from activity so that He could set an example for you and I to follow for the best emotional, physical and spiritual health.


The rhythm of life.


You work hard for six days, you rest…work hard for six days, rest…


If it was important enough for God to pause, maybe we should too.


And not just on Labor Day.




Just a thought.