5 Reasons NOT to Miss THIS Sunday @ Southbrook!


Band and big screen

5. Dan’s new haircut. It’s only 3 weeks old and studies show that it takes at least 5 times to get over severe shock.

4. If you like music and out of this world worship, the music promises to be some of the most awesome, inspirational, mind blowing worship ever!

3. Dan’s new haircut.

2. The stage will be full of members of all our bands and nearly every singer we’ve got. Not all, but almost!

1. You all can be a part of Southbrook’s first everLive recording!”

0. I know, technically this is a non number and outside the top 5 but have I mentioned Dan’s new haircut?


Bottom-line, be there or spend the weekend in morning and deep, dark depression having missed the worship event of the year!