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Where were we?

Oh yeah, ‘Wild at Heart.’

I honestly enjoyed Wild at Heart. I really did. But, at least part of the reason that I am involved in the writing of this book now is because I was so greatly convicted that it would be irresponsible to leave men with this inadequate and inaccurate account and remedy to our predicament.

When I could stand it no more, I finally called some very respected professors from DTS and asked what the general consensus was of the hugely popular book. Even I was taken aback with the response I received. At DTS it’s not taken seriously. I was told that there are more theological problems with it than can possibly be addressed in a few brief phone conversations, so, I was directed to read several critiques of the book written by responsible, careful theologians. The best summary I can give is that Wild at Heart is more a book about passion, one man’s struggle with his father, and the very real issue of men advocating their call to be real men than it is about real or biblical solutions for all kinds of men in all walks of life.

With that said, here comes the real bombshell. Men, it has taken a lot of wrong turns, a lot of rebellion against God, a lot of laziness and a lot of years to get us into this mess. And, getting out of it simply isn’t possible by just fixing the father wound, or throwing together 4 or 5 guys for accountability or even monitoring the internet, increasing your Quiet time and doubling your prayer time with God. It takes all of those things and a whole lot more. But mostly we need to realize this. There is no formula. There is no list. We cannot follow a 12 step plan to Xtreme manhood. The solution will never be found in regulation. It will be found in relationship, a right relationship with Jesus Christ. And that, my friends, is a life long journey, not a 6 month long program.

With that said, I imagine some of you might be taking a few moments to look back at all the “Xtrme” I’ve written so far and see if you can put together some sort of paradigm from them. After all, you reason with sections like,


Xtreme spirituality! Hypocrites! The magnificent seven! Seven sections with the same three themes that run something like this, “wimpy to average to Xtreme, or your money back. It must be a program deal!!!

That’s ok, get it out. I can take it. There’s just one thing though. You’re wrong. You won’t get your money back. Blogs are free.

No, I mean, about the formula. My intention with the layout is simply this, I want you, the reader to take an honest look at each of the major areas of your life. If you’re serious about this lifelong journey. If you really think it’s worth it. If you’re tired of the status quo, then nothing can be left out. Just as Ephesians 6 talks about putting on the whole armor of God rather than just a third of it or half of it. The journey is all or nothing. The journey is an adventure full of risk and without guarantees of safety and success at every turn.

But the prize is worth it.


I’ve got lots more to say on this subject, but it’s Sunday, and you should be at church! That’s where I’m headed right now.

Talk to you again soon.

Not tomorrow though. Tomorrow there will be a special “Guest Blog” by my good friend, Steven Furtick from elevation church. We are swapping blogs for the day.

You’ll find me over there.

And him right here.