10 going on 16


Usually, after a weekend of preaching 4 times all I want to do is crash for a couple of hours.

A study was done just a couple years ago on adrenaline and the effects of preaching one sermon. The study found that the average sermon is the equivalent of an 8 hour work day (in terms of the adrenaline released).

I can easily believe it. I suppose that is why around 1:00 pm on a typical Sunday, I feel like I just got off a 24 hour work shift!

Add to that the Monday blahs. It’s a little something pastors go through on, you guessed it, Mondays. Turns out that no matter how well the weekend went, how many lives were affected, people touched in a deep way, pastors often (not always) still feel inexplicably down and detached. I usually watch out for this, so a couple years ago I moved our staff meetings to Tuesdays and I work from home on Mondays spending extra time in God’s Word as I seek to ramp up for the next week’s challenges.

The blahs won’t be coming this Monday.

How do I know?

Because I came home and had a wonderful afternoon with the family, put the kids to bed, kissed Michelle good night, kicked are little hamburger bun eating dog to the curb (kennel) and came in here to try and think of something to post for a Monday morning blog.

That’s when I saw it—a journal entry my 10 year old son (actually, 10 and a 1/2!) Nathan had apparently written while sitting in the Southbrook video cafe at 10:00 am this morning. It touched my heart in the deepest place. And, with his permission I want to share it with you.


Guest Blogger: Nathan Singleton

1 Month to Live — “Living the Dash”

Your sermon had all of my attention, the whole sermon.

The sermon was really short (implying most are long, I guess!  ) and the football story was perfect!

The ‘age thing’ was hilarious!

I’m going to take the ‘One Month to Live” challenge by being kinder to Juliana (his sister). It’s amazing how Jesus, the king of the universe would humble Himself and die on the cross! Man, that football story really touches my heart…

I told you I’m running this race for an audience of 1.

Just for today it bumped up to an audience of 2.

What a great kid!