“Should Have’s”


I’ve noticed over the years that God never uses, “Should Have’s.”


What’s a “Should Have?”


  • ‘I should have been on the praise team!’
  • ‘I should have been the pastor!’
  • ‘I should have been an elder!’
  • ‘I should have lead that project—I could have done so much better!’
  • It should have been me instead of Danny!” <— (Had  to throw that in there from American Idol last night. Sorry to see Tatiana go, she was definitely entertaining in a ‘seek professional help’ kinda way. When it comes to being the next American Idol I’m sure the words, “should have” were never far from her lips.   )


I should have


Have you ever found yourself looking at a person or situation with this very arrogant and self-centered conclusion?


I should have


It’s a sure sign you shouldn’t have.