Sunday Evening Mind Dump!

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  • WOW! That’s actually the best word to describe what I witnessed last night at our student ministry’s “back to School Bash!” The most important number on there is the 12 students who gave their hearts to Jesus!! I am PUMPED about that!! That’s a third of our threefold mission as a church, ‘To REACH those who are far from God!”I knew last night was shaping up to be incredible when the Instagram and Facebook posts started pouring in while I was out at a restaurant eating dinner. They got me so fired up—I cut the dinner short and rushed on over to the church! And I was not disappointed! If anything, the pictures did not do it justice! Nevertheless, I am going to include some so those of you who were not there concelebrate with us!All this and guess what?  Adam and Katie Doorband and their team of awesome volunteers is just getting started! The best is truly yet to come!


  • The Grand Opening of Summit Church is just around the corner—do you know who you are inviting? As a church, we have been praying for all the names written on the ribbon trees for weeks now! But now is the time where the rubber meets the road—time to approach that person and make the big ‘invite.’ Don’t stress, this might be the easiest invite in the history of the world (okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration—but it’s pretty easy!)!

    Here’s why.

    Studies have shown that approximately 65 million people in the USA do not attend church at all—that’s the bad news. The GREAT news, however, is that these same studies have revealed that about 35 million (over half) of them WOULD ATTEND if someone would just invite them! Wow! That’s nothing! Talk about low hanging fruit! And you know who gets this? Our students! They invited for the back to school bash at a rate of 2 to 1! Nearly 50 students last night were first timers! That’s great! And you can bet the majority (if not all) of those who got saved were among those first timers!

    Way to go Elevate Students! Take the day off from school on me!

  • Keep checking back here throughout the week for ideas for effective ways to invite people to our grand opening. It’s gonna be off the hook!

Sunday Evening Mind Dump!


  • I’m pumped about the grand opening of Summit Church in the month of September! Not really because of the updated worship center and expanded Atrium as well as other upfits—no, I’m super excited about our renewed effort to go full force forward with the great commission and the great commandment! At Summit we present it in the following way… “Summit Church exists to Reach those far from God, Raise them up in Christ, and Release them for God’s mission!”—which is just our fancy way of going about the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. We want to make the name of Jesus famous in Denver and beyond!To this end, would you join us in praying for the following?
  •  For all the names on our harvest tress. These are friends, family, co-workers and neighbors who are far from God and need to meet Jesus as Lord and Savior

  • For those working on the building to be able to finish in plenty of time for the grand opening

  • For the gospel that will be presented all three weeks of the grand opening. We want it to be clear and compelling and to touch the hearts of those who have not yet met Jesus.

  • For the special Student outreach NEXT Sunday

  • For more and more folks to join us for prayer each day of the last week of 21 days of prayer!

  • More and more students are joining us each week at ‘Elevate!’ Next week (Sunday Evening) there will be a HUGE student blowout event (see video HERE )! If you have middle school or high school students you will want to move heaven and earth to get them there! It’s a great way to start off the school year with other students who love Jesus and are living all out for Him!


  • Have you joined us for early morning prayer at Summit yet? We are entering the third and final week of our 21 Days of prayer! If you want to experience New Testament prayer with a whole bunch of others at Summit then join us at Summit church at 6:00 am and start your day/week off right!

Sunday Evening Mind Dump!

Another great week at The Summit! We took as many of the staff as we could to a conference at a very special church really ‘getting it done’ for Jesus—Church of the Highlands. It was an eye opening experience for everyone to not only see a like-minded church, but also to witness what we all dream of God doing here in the Denver area through churches like Summit! The team returned extremely fired up and ready to charge hell with a water pistol if necessary!


  • A special thanks to ‘Alive City’ for taking one more day after the end of Heaven Fest and leading our church in worship! Our own team members got a much needed break and a rare opportunity to enjoy worship at Summit from the congregation’s point of view.
  • So fired up about our 21 days of prayer and [feasting] coming up! Yes, you read that right—it’s prayer and feasting this time rather than prayer and fasting. While we pause at the start of the year to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting—we want to take another pause halfway through the year to remind people of the power and necessity of prayer! Prayer changes everything! We hope that even more people will join us each weekday morning at 6:00 am, Saturdays at 9:00 and Sunday’s (in between the two services) for the next 21 days to really seek God’s favor for our big outreach in September. Click here for more information about it.
  • Have you asked God to give you a name of someone who you could bring to one of the 3 weekends of outreach in September? The gospel will be given in a clear and compelling way all 3 weeks of the series and the Lord us sure to move mightily! How do I know this? Because the harvest is ripe and ready! He says so in Matthew 9:37, Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” And again in Luke 10:2, but with one added phrase, “… Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. The ‘harvest’ has never been the problem. There are always people ready to meet Jesus and have their sins forgiven and new life…it’s those who are already saved and comfortable who often minimize the harvest. In other words, Jesus is challenging us to care enough to ask Him to stir in people’s hearts to bring the lost to a church where they can hear the good news of the gospel message! And it needs to begin with our own hearts! Some of you are thinking, ‘that’s bizarre, why doesn’t he just bring them himself? Or, in the very least, why doesn’t He stir in Christians’ hearts without us asking?’ Well, if you were here yesterday then you remember the story I preached on from 1 Kings 18 where God flat out told Elijah that the drought would end and that He (The Lord) was finally going to make it rain after 3 and ½ years without a drop…HOWEVER…(And here is what we often overlook)—He still told Elijah to pray for the rain! 

    Huh?Why is that?

    Well, you can listen to the message here, (and you really need to in order to get a full understanding of why God often moves this way)—but for those of you who simply can’t wait, here it is…I think St. Augustine said it best,

    “Without God, we cannot, without us, He will not!”

    Think about it.

    And after you do, pray again about who God would have you bring to Summit from 9/11 – 9/25!

REACH those far from God. RAISE them up in Christ. RELEASE them for His mission.