A Very Special Mind Dump!


I am so PUMPED about the way Jesus moved in the lives of so many people during the three week grand opening of Summit Church! Sure, we had hundreds of first time guests and fun times enjoying the new facilities the Lord had given us—but more importantlyGod moved mightily in the hearts of a lot of folks during this Game Time series. Check it out…

Week one 44 people gave their hearts to Jesus, 12 more in the second week and 32 more in the final week! That’s 88 new brothers and sisters adopted into the family of God! It just doesn’t get any better than that!!

Then, week 2, many of us learned how to STOP putting Jesus first! Yep, you read that right, ‘Stop putting Jesus first.’ Why? Because, even as a high priority in our lives—even as number 1—all Jesus can hope for us a limited chunk of our time and attention.

There’s a better way.

Make Jesus the center of everything! There’s more to this than I can explain in this short blog post, but, if you want to learn how and join the 134 folks who flipped the script in their lives and now tether themselves to Jesus in everything they do You can get the podcast HERE  and listen to the message entitled, “Tethered.”

We good?


What else did God do? Well, He moved in the hearts of 21 others to take that first step (post salvation) of obedience called baptism. And what a celebration it was! The whole grand opening was like a 3 week party for Jesus! And you know what? I believe we ain’t seen nothing yet!

The best is yet to come!

Champion’s of the Week!

What an incredible weekend in the life of Summit Church! 44 people were saved! Did you get that? Really, really get that?! The first part of our mission is to Reach those who are far from God! Well 44 folks are now fellow bothers and sisters in Christ! To God be the glory! These are always my favorite days as a pastor! And this was just week one of our three week Grand Opening Celebration! So, you know I gotta ask… You knew it was coming…

Who are you bringing for week two?

We will be continuing our series, Game Time with the message, “Tethered.” It’s a message about how to tether to greatness instead of the things so many of us tether our lives to that just end up as dead ends. I’m really excited about this message not just for those far from God, but even more so for Christians whose walk with Jesus has been kind of flat. I believe God is really going to move mightily this weekend!

Now for the “Champions of the week…”

I was blown away by so many of our volunteers and staff folks who stepped up to the plate to make the first week of grand opening a huge success! Special thanks to the army of greeters and parking volunteers, the VIP tent workers, children’s church folks, ushers, worship team, student volunteers (Did you see how many students were wearing red shirts and helping out?!). I gotta tell you, since I have been here I have never heard so many compliments about the warmth and kindness of Summit volunteers as I did this past Sunday! Keep it up friends! You are making a huge (Or is it, “Yuge” now?) difference for Jesus!

See ya Sunday

The Sunday Evening Mind Dump



  • So pumped about the Grand Opening of Summit Church! It’s true that the mission hasn’t changed (Jesus gave us the mission 2,000 years ago!) but the methods have and Summit is more committed than EVER to Reaching those far from God, Raising them up in Christ, and, Releasing them for His mission! So let me tell you how you can help (especially in the first part of our mission… “Reaching those far from Christ”).

First, there are two video invites you can share—yes, “TWO.” Why?Several reasons.

First, the primary place to reach the masses is through Facebook—and people on Facebook will only give you about a nano-second of consideration before deciding whether or not to watch your video. Therefore, it needs to be exciting and non threatening. So we have a video designed to be shared with all your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, etc. who are unchurched and probably have some pretty far out notions of what Christianity is all about.

The second video option goes into a little more detail about what we do as a church. Many of you have Christian friends who have not yet found a church. Some of you have met neighbors and friends who recently moved here and are looking for a true, Bible believing church that presents the gospel in a relevant way—Summit is definitely that. If you want to invite those folks—the second video option is for you. You can access both below.

It’s important that everyone follow this in order for us to reach as many people as possible, so let me make sure there’s no confusion…

First, some may think the unchurched invite is too, “seeker sensitive” (whatever that means) but consider the alternative—should we make an invite that’s ‘Seeker Hostile?’ Of course not! It is our hope that the family fun and free food, etc. will bring folks in, but, at the same time, we know the only thing that changes lives is the true gospel message of Jesus Christ! The salvation message will be going out all three weeks of our grand opening! Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts!

Second, there may be a temptation to spam all your Christian friends who already go to good, Bible believing churches in Denver. Please don’t do this. At Summit, we have no desire to reshuffle the deck nor do we want to encourage a culture of church hopping and shopping. Again, the second video is for Christians who don’t have a church home and are looking to make a huge difference for God’s Kingdom! We want to make the name of Jesus famous in Denver!

Please consider this unique opportunity to reach those far from God and invite as many as you can to the Summit for the rest of September! Do this by actually sharing it on your own Facebook page–literally hitting the “SHARE” button below the video on the Summit Church Facebook page and following the simple  instructions they give. Thanks!

  • The Student movement at Summit is still in full swing—and picking up speed! Last Sunday was the biggest event in years, and both students and parents are beginning to see that we are more than a party. Our students are just as sold out to our mission to Reach, Raise, Release, as the adults—maybe more so! Honestly, what they pulled off last week as far as invites will be a tough act to follow for the rest of the church. We up for it?!
  • Remember the ribbons! Over the last several weeks many of us have been writing names on ribbons and tying them to the harvest trees! Just as a reminder, we are begging God for a great harvest—He already gave that to us! Matthew 9:37, “He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but…

    But what?

“But the workers are few.”

So the trouble is not on God’s end. He’s moving in millions of hearts every single day. The issue has always been, ‘too few people out there ready and willing to invite people to Jesus!’ Let’s be part of the solution and fill His house all three weekends of this grand opening! In other words…

38 “…pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

REACH those far from God. RAISE them up in Christ. RELEASE them for His mission.